The Worthey Connection

Mysti Clay and the Vampire's Ruby Cave won 2nd place at the OWFI contest in the YA Novel category and The Myrddyn's Curse won an Honorable in the SFF Novel category, May 2023. I had not entered this contest since my picture book, TIGER PAWS, won 1st Place at the Oklahoma Writers Federation Inc. (OWFI) contest the first weekend of May2011.

My goal this year... I am working on 

* a 12 book novella series for Christmas featuring The Twelve Odd Days of Christmas with a science fiction and fantasy theme.  

* I continue to work an a series of six books under the series name Melding Magics that will include a treasure hunt! It promises to be a magical adventure. 

* I have also written a series entitled Miss LaLonde's Second Grade Tales with five Halloween stories, five Christmas stories, a Valentines Day tale and an end of the school year tale. Miss LaLonde's class and her magical guardian dragons face many adventures during their second grade year, including witches who can't spell, scaredy cats who disappear, pirates, skeletons, gingerbread men in the candy cane forest, and then they help their friend Sir Jeremy, the classroom mummy-knight, find his long lost love before ending the year facing mermaids who want to sing them into staying in second grade forever.

I am looking for a publisher for my picture book Chrissi and the Pea and my KC Carter Mysteries chapter book series .

Soon I will have a webpage for Sharon Shadows. Until then, I can be reached at