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This section contains a listing of a variety of technical papers, reference books and notes on a wide range of aerospace related topics.  Some of the more significant works concerning wind tunnel testing are listed below.  If you have any suggestions or recommendations that can add to this knowledge base please let us know by filling out our suggestion form or by emailing us at .

Albert L. Braslow and Eugene C. Knox, "Simplified method for determination of critical height of distributed roughness particles for boundary-layer transition at Mach numbers from 0 to 5", NACA TN 4363, Sep 1958, pp. 19.

Ames Research Staff, Equations, tables, and charts for compressible flow, NACA Report 1135, 1953, pp. 69.

Benjamin H. Beam, A wind-tunnel test technique for measuring the dynamic rotary stability derivatives at subsonic and supersonic speeds, NACA Report 1258, Jan 1956, pp. 14.




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